VL SOLAR – Do you already know the new brand of Grupo Valente & Lopes?

17 Jun VL SOLAR – Do you already know the new brand of Grupo Valente & Lopes?

Because the future may come sooner, the Valente & Lopes Group has just created the VL SOLAR brand. The bet on sustainability is increasingly greater and more necessary and, thus, the Valente & Lopes Group wants to have an active voice in reducing the ecological footprint.

Solar energy is the future and the Valente & Lopes Group participates in the energy transition. Through VL SOLAR, in addition to investing in the production and installation of solar carport structures for car parks, it also develops structures that allow total self-sufficiency in solar stations.

Innovative solutions for reducing the ecological footprint!

The Valente & Lopes Group, leader in the Iberian market for metal-textile covers for 25 years – and with companies incorporated in Spain, France and Morocco – continues to invest in innovation and development.

Adds to its product portfolio – through the new VL SOLAR brand – a galvanized metal roof with solar panels – solar carport – which combines the shading product with the use of electricity – SOLAR!

There are several models (with CE marking), with innovative solutions for a vision of the future, with a clear commitment to sustainability and clean energy.

At Valente & Lopes Group we value each project of our clients and make them a reality.

VL SOLAR – a new brand, quality as always!