Valente & Lopes Group is double the news!

25 Jun Valente & Lopes Group is double the news!

In the same week, the Valente & Lopes Group made news twice in the Revista Pós-Venda.

At issue is the launch of the new VL Solar brand and also the presentation of a new jetwash lance, model already patented, which has a tab and a safety mechanism (Valdep brand).

The invention aims to solve a problem that exists in all jetwash washes with direct spray (without trigger). That is, currently, whenever we press the button with the respective washing program, if we are not careful to grab the washing gun as indicated in the instructions, it will immediately come out of the holder with a pressure of about 100bars, damaging vehicles, hurting people, etc.

With this invention by the Valdep brand (Valente & Lopes Group – which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year), it is possible to effectively ensure that the washing gun never leaves the holder without someone turning the safety lever.

Through VL SOLAR, in addition to investing in the production and installation of solar carport structures for car parks, it also develops structures that allow total self-sufficiency in solar stations.